Wild Horse - June 14-15, 2008
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46.Wendy coming up second hill.jpg
47.Top of Deer Mountian towards Idaho.jpg
48.Top of Deer Mountain towards Nevada.jpg
49.Yep, we're going down there.jpg
50.I know because I can see the dust LOL.jpg
51.Are we there yet...NOPE.jpg
52.Wendy Jarbidge Sign.jpg
53.Jarbidge road thru town.jpg
54.Jarbidge Historical Sign.jpg
55.Jarbidge Taxi.jpg
56.Hitched up at the watering hole.jpg
57.Idaho...2 miles that way.jpg
58.We're another range over, about 40 miles from here.jpg
59.Rock Canyon on the way back, totally different lighting.jpg
60.Long ride, my butt hurts.jpg

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