Pod mod results

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Pod mod results

Postby ACLakey » Sat Aug 11, 2007 9:47 am

As some of you know you can change the fuel delivery on the new Grizzly 700 by adjusting the setting in the pod. The procedure is explained here

http://www.nyrocatv.com/techtip.cgi?vie ... iewtip=305

I strated out playing with my setting after I had broken the quad in ,around the 200mi mark. I set the pod at 60 and made a few trips around the yard. The low end response was amazing and lofted the front end of my quad skyward. I did smell feul at idle so I adjusted the pod to 40 and went for a ride. After the ride I still smelt fuel at idle so I continued to play with the settings. I settled in on a pod setting of 32 and have been pleased with the results at my altitude. Most of my riding is between 3500 and 6500' in elevation. I have heard of some that live around sea level bumping their pod up in the 100's but that is way to much for the thinner air.

I have much more bottom end throttle response, no feul smell at idle and better mid range pull. I can loft the front end skyward anytime in low range and from a dead stop in high with minimal effort. I will continue to monitor the results and adjust as needed. I am going to be getting a new exhaust tip that uses the existing can. It is not much louder, but produces much better flow through the exhaust. When I get the tip I will adjust the settings and post the results.

I love this quad!

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