Oh my, what do we have here...

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Oh my, what do we have here...

Postby teejay » Tue Aug 05, 2008 7:43 am

A local club here in Northern Utah did a Iron Man Paiute ride last Friday and Saturday. A grand total of 270 miles of various terrain. Along with us was this little gem of a machine...


Yes, that is a 2009 sportsman 550. One of the few models off the line. One of the guys in our group borrowed it from a factory rep to give it a run through.

It is hard to tell in the pic, but the engine is mounted horizontally down the axis of the quad. It has front A arms, no more struts, the belt sits behind the motor at the rear of the quad and the radiator has been moved to where everyone else puts it. It has no front rack, and it has quite a lot of power. It looked about as wide as my grizzly.

It had a really cool metallic red color to it, that when clean is all shiny and pretty like a fine looking woman.

I also got a nice shot of a rzr.

Yes, it is being winched out of a very small creek bed up deer creek canyon. It's the 74 trail that leaves west of Hoovers.

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Postby GPER » Sun Aug 24, 2008 12:30 pm

I was at the dealer last week getting a spare drive belt and they had a Ranger that cool, it was sharp.

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