Ratchet Strap Rescue!!

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Ratchet Strap Rescue!!

Postby Ken » Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:51 am

I barely made it half way up the bowl (about 1/2 mile in) and SNAP! Oops...that didn't sound good. Scott and I stop...and it's the radius bar....the heim joint bolt just snapped. Now...my right rear, is bowing out big time....almost pulling the axle out.


As you can see....the bolt is rusted 1/2....meaning...it's been broken for awhile...I never noticed...and a really slow hill climb, and snap.

So...now we're into nurse it mode...fortunately, we weren't going far to camp. So we tried using a strap with a cam buckle....but no way could we pull it tight enough.

So while Scott ran back to the truck to grap 2 ratchet straps, I removed the radius bar. We took out the old heim busted off....and used the two bolts for ratchet points. I would rock the rear, and Scott would kick in the bottom of the tire to get the camber in, instead of out. With two straps....we got it almost straight....and she made it in and out! With no issues, other than a couple re-tightening sessions.


I only needed red straps and most people wouldn't have even noticed!!

So, of course in camp...there were a million opinions and theories how to fix it. At KOH, the 1/2" heim isn't going to cut it. I called Nate at Zbroz.....and they said no problem....I could get a chromoly 1/2" heim...or he would give a huge discount on their upgraded racing rods, with 5/8" heim joints. I decided on the latter, and Nate tossed in a standard 1/2" heim so I can fix the other rod and use it as a spare...but I'd be surprised if the 5/8" inch breaks....I was super happy with how it was handled by Zbroz.

You can see the size difference...not only is the heim bigger..but the rod is too. Clearly there is a lot of stress on that heim joint.


Looking forward to KOH 2013....I'm confident now....radius bars aren't going to be an issue.

I also thought I'd post this...in case anyone else breaks ANY type of radius rod....you can get home on ratchet straps!
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Re: Ratchet Strap Rescue!!

Postby Kodiak » Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:57 pm

loved the write up! i am adding a spare ratcheting strap to my recovery bag when i get home :)

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Re: Ratchet Strap Rescue!!

Postby hemingray » Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:48 pm

You guys always seem to have the right gidget to crutch home with... :-D
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Re: Ratchet Strap Rescue!!

Postby Mr. Green » Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:04 pm

diffidently looks like it cracked awhile ago nice to see you guys didnt let it spoil your trip.

from beading tires to holding drive lines up or compressing springs it can do so much for being cheap and small.
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