Viper winch, any good?

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Viper winch, any good?

Postby WillRide » Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:56 pm

I'm shopping for a winch for my RZR 900. Might go with the Warn Vantage 4000-s, but I've a lot of people like the Viper, and it's about $100 cheaper. Anybody use the Viper?
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Re: Viper winch, any good?

Postby EigerMike » Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:16 pm

only a 100 cheaper i with the warn just for insurance. i have a viper on the quad and its never failed me but im cheap :roll:
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Re: Viper winch, any good?

Postby hemingray » Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:34 pm

In terms of ATVs, I think the Warn is much better. I have one of those Vipers - off Ebay a number of years ago - and my Warn winds about twice as fast. On the other hand, the Viper has gone thru hell as the snowplow lifter and survived it, though it doesn't engage very easily now. If I was choosing for reliability on the trail, I would go with the Warn. For occasional use, the Viper would have been OK.

Again, keep in mind my points of reference are ATV-sized, and the Viper was a 2008 vintage and my Warn is a Yamaha/Warn from 2009.
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Re: Viper winch, any good?

Postby ontherks » Sun Feb 08, 2015 10:45 am

I would go with a Warn. I've had both and currently have a 4500 Warn on my XP4 1000.
Last Viper I have self destructed about 1 trip on my 08 Rzr 800. Pulled my uncle in his rzr 800 up a snow drift and the drum and sides came apart. Used once and then put a Warn on.
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