Uni air filter and Maxima Fab1 filter oil

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Uni air filter and Maxima Fab1 filter oil

Postby hemingray » Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:32 pm

Past time to change the air filter element and the possibility that No-Toil may have caused the seam to fail on the OEM filter element caused me to get a new Uni filter for the 2007 Grizzly. I chose Maxima's Fab1 aerosol filter oil and the matching cleaner. I like the dual stage filter - fits much easier on the metal sleeve that makes up the OEM air cleaner and you can turn it inside out to oil both the inner fine filter and the outer coarser filter. The only problem is the included (and needed!) gasket was neoprene and WAY too thick to fit (this is well-documented on the internet) so it needed to be carefully sliced down with a razor blade. There are several mods out there to eliminate the poor design of the Yamaha box (and let's not talk about the lack of availability of a replacement gasket for the OEM metal sleeve!).

The Maxima Fab1 oil was easy to work into the foam, and it became SUPER tacky - I'm sure it's going to be great. The blue color helps make sure it's evenly distributed into the foam. The cleaner works quickly at removing the stuff.
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