RCM Shift Knob

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RCM Shift Knob

Postby QMaze » Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:15 pm

My second mod so far, oh man.

It arrived! Man oh man for those of you who have not seen these or are on the fence, get one while you can, you will not find a better quality item to personalize your ATV. This dude makes them for all kinds of ATV's.

I am completely blown away by this craftsman, first it comes super packaged, and inside the box is another box and inside that a velvet bag, an allen key and instructions. Yeah I said it right, frikkin velvet, does it get any better. And then to top it off this beautiful piece of billet is wrapped in this soft tissue paper, first class.

This would make a great gift, in fact, my buddy who let me use his ATV all these years when I visited is going to get one, as a thank you from me, anyway without further adieu.



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