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Arapeen Mud Men (Video)

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 10:09 pm
by GrizzlyGuy
After Flying Boy, Mad Dog Mark and I made our Assault on Arapeen (Utah), we... ate lunch. Having done wet before lunch, everyone wanted to ride something DRY after lunch. So we descended from our 10,595' foot lunch perch down the east side of Arapeen that was supposed to be arid, dry desert. It didn't work out that way. :roll:

The music is "Hungry" by Saints of Silence.

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P.S. - Here is a drinking game you can play while watching: every time you see a chunk of mud getting tossed from a Bighorn, take a sip. Unless you've got a keg in the fridge, your beer supply is sure to run out before the video does. :)